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Extreme sports and the modern man

Today, the modern man is under a lot of pressure. It is surrounded by problems in the working environment, pressure in the workplace, personal family dramas, etc. All this brings a a desire of calmness and relaxing. Some people are landing in participation in the activity of extreme sports. No matter what sport, it is important to have a strong adrenaline and shook the knees, to create strong positive emotions. Very popular are the different kinds of air sports. In recent decades it has become very affordable even for ordinary people to connect with aviation. Those who can not afford to spend time and money on courses for piloting a helicopter or airplane, they have other options. To become a man a pilot in the light aviation still require considerable resources. There are other much easier and cheaper ways to fly. This is the practice of various types of hang gliding and paragliding. Very popular are light aircrafts, trikes and paramotors. They allow with minimal logistical effort a man to fly safely and securely. People of different ages and genders already understand the strong satisfaction from all these options for free and autonomous flight.

Other types of extreme sports are the variety of different speed water sports. Through them may also obtain the necessary adrenaline. Moreover, it can be linked to the holiday on the beach and collecting sunlight. Here again, if you do not have enough money to buy machinery, you can deliver the required emotion and unloading with surfing, many varieties of kites or a combination of both, namely Wind surfing. If is no nearly ocean or sea coast this could be replaced by rafting in fast waters. This teamwork is important and many companies use sports to unite the workers and to bring greatly improve teamwork.

The different types of mountain climbing, alpinism  and biking in the mountains carry a lot of adrenaline and also are connected with the nature and delivers additional balance in the mental state of a man. Rock climbing and bungee are for people with no fear of heights, or those who want to overcome the above mentioned fears. Winter sports fans can turn to skiing or snowboarding, which also delivers high doses of adrenaline.

All these activities are associated with strong physical exertion, which is part of the successful method to feel relaxed and more after the weekend.

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Cross country or XC paragliding

Once the paragliding gained momentum in recent decades, many people who love extreme sports started to practice this unusual but easy way for flying. Progressively with time were formed three directions in paragliding.

The first of them is called cross country or XC paragliding. The purpose of this type of flying is to raise enough altitude and fly a maximum distance. This happens by capturing the thermal flows and other warm air masses.  The Thermals are most active over certain areas. There is obtained hot air balloons, climbing and move up. So if the pilot is able to enter in such area after that can start rising up to several thousand meters. Cross country flying is strongly associated with the air currents. In support of this type of paragliding are cumulus clouds. Their usage and the resulting winds in addition to the thermal air currents enable the best pilots masters to travel more than 100 kilometers in one takeoff. This of course is achieved with a lot of training, talent and theoretical training.

Another type of flying is called Accuracy landing / accuracy paragliding /. In this discipline requires the pilot to land as possible in point with size of cap of beer.

This supposedly is not easy at all, but most great masters do so without problem. The difficulty of this exercise comes from the fact that the most difficult  moments in flight are takeoff and landing. That’s why everyone before to start flying must master them. In any kind of aviation that are risky moments.

Third type is acrobatic / aerobatic / paragliding. This is the performing of air figures with paraglider. This sport is the most risky and requires a lot of preparation. The difficulty of this type of flying makes it the most interesting to watch. Beauty is to see real acrobats in the performance of their figures.

Each of these varieties of paragliding has its fans. There is Conducting World Championships in cross country, accuracy paragliding and acrobatic paragliding. Each type requires different flying wing that is most appropriate. Over the years, major manufacturers of equipment introduced many innovations in the manufacture of wings. This sport is becoming more popular and will reach its peak in the future.


Paragliding is gaining momentum in the middle of 90s. Aspiration of man to fly like a bird has existed since antiquity. Now there is such a possibility thanks to a relatively new sport. This is paragliding. It was started by delta gliding pilots. They found an easy way to fly. Preparing the equipment for flying with a hang glider requires additional time. The vehicle used for the transport must be adapted to enable carrying rigid structure of the wing. These conditions drop out in soft wings. They can be carried in a backpack, which is much easier in the logistics part. So slightly and gentle paragliding slowly shifts the delta wings out. Another very important part is the existence of a little weight. To prepare to fly with a paraglider need only one person.  Time to do that is around 5 minutes.  At hang gliding this time is at least about 10-15 minutes, and in most cases is done by two people. This is a very big advantage, especially if you have to hit the window of time to make a start. Hang gliding has its advantages. The speeds there are much larger. Adrenaline also. Exactly because of that the way of flying  is a personal choice.

Once when became clear the advantage of paragliding, many pilots are directed to this type of flying. Gradually, first in Europe and then the world this kind of extreme sport is gaining momentum and is now more popular than ever in the past.

Many questions ask themselves those who want to deal with flying.

Who can practice with it?

Is there a limitation in the weight and height of the pilot?

What is the age limit for this kind of flying?

Anyone who has a strong desire and motivation to fly can deal with that. There is no any limits. On height and weight, things are the same, No limits. If a person is normal weight, there will be no problem to begin to fly.

The wings have a range according to which practically is no limitation by weight or growths. Many of the best pilots in the world are over the age of 50 years. This confirms that anyone who has the desire can fly high in the sky.