Once the paragliding gained momentum in recent decades, many people who love extreme sports started to practice this unusual but easy way for flying. Progressively with time were formed three directions in paragliding.

The first of them is called cross country or XC paragliding. The purpose of this type of flying is to raise enough altitude and fly a maximum distance. This happens by capturing the thermal flows and other warm air masses.  The Thermals are most active over certain areas. There is obtained hot air balloons, climbing and move up. So if the pilot is able to enter in such area after that can start rising up to several thousand meters. Cross country flying is strongly associated with the air currents. In support of this type of paragliding are cumulus clouds. Their usage and the resulting winds in addition to the thermal air currents enable the best pilots masters to travel more than 100 kilometers in one takeoff. This of course is achieved with a lot of training, talent and theoretical training.

Another type of flying is called Accuracy landing / accuracy paragliding /. In this discipline requires the pilot to land as possible in point with size of cap of beer.

This supposedly is not easy at all, but most great masters do so without problem. The difficulty of this exercise comes from the fact that the most difficult  moments in flight are takeoff and landing. That’s why everyone before to start flying must master them. In any kind of aviation that are risky moments.

Third type is acrobatic / aerobatic / paragliding. This is the performing of air figures with paraglider. This sport is the most risky and requires a lot of preparation. The difficulty of this type of flying makes it the most interesting to watch. Beauty is to see real acrobats in the performance of their figures.

Each of these varieties of paragliding has its fans. There is Conducting World Championships in cross country, accuracy paragliding and acrobatic paragliding. Each type requires different flying wing that is most appropriate. Over the years, major manufacturers of equipment introduced many innovations in the manufacture of wings. This sport is becoming more popular and will reach its peak in the future.